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(Alcoholic nose)



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(Alcoholic nose)

Page nose correction

Alcoholic nose (Rhinophyma)

Chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands can lead to an irregular thickening of the skin of the nose and nostrils: the so-called strawberry nose.
Often an extensive antibiotic cure will be prescribed against this inflammation, but this only suppresses the symptoms.

With a plastic surgery treatment the superficial skin layers are removed.

After the skin has been cured in one to 2 weeks as an abrasion, the glands can drain their sebum again and the skin comes to rest.

Treatment is possible under local anesthesia and in extensive cases under anesthesia.


This treatment is reimbursed via the health insurance.

Read more about the treatment and the period before and after surgery on the page treatment nose correction.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga

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