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of the
nasal septum


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Deviations of the nasal septum


If your nose is crooked and/or you suffer from nasal congestion this usually means that there are also internal anomalies in the nose, amongst which the nasal septum.

If this is the case I will refer you to my colleague  dr. M.F.F. Franken ENT specialist. He will apply for reimbursement with the health insurance company and we will perform surgery together to correct both the functional and the aesthetic problem.



The photos above and on the left show the correction of a crooked nasal septum.

Below the correction of a congenital underdevelopment of the left side of the nose.

Different from the external aesthetic correction, the internal and functional deviations are eligible for reimbursement by the health insurance company.

You can read more about the treatment on the main page nose correction a.o. about the period before and after surgery.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga