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Dr. Timmenga


Plastic Surgery is a beautiful profession

The combination of craftsmanship and personal contact is inspirational and fulfilling. Craftsmanship alone is not enough. In order to have satisfied patients it is at least as important to understand their expectations and to make a solid judgment on the outcome of a procedure.

Who is Dr. Timmenga

After studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) I specialized in plastic surgery at the Academic Medical Center. In that period I was promoted at the UvA on the topic "Tissue Expansion", a technique that is widely used in breast reconstructions. However, my interest lies in form improving and corrective surgery, such as of the forehead, eyelids, nose, ears, breasts and abdomen.

Since 1995 I run a general practice at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft and Voorburg. At these locations I offer Aesthetic surgery. The Diaconessenhuis in Voorburg functions as a sort of private clinic. Besides that I am attached to the Velthuis kliniek in Amsterdam.

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I would characterize myself as sensitive. I like a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere: I find a full waiting room annoying. I create a calm surrounding with proper planning of my office hours and with the decor and lighting of my consulting rooms. Such an atmosphere you will also find at the Velthuis kliniek in Amsterdam. During holidays I stay with my family in our house in the South of France where I grow organic olives and produce olive oil.


Since 1995 I am registered as plastic surgeon in the register of medical specialists, as well as in the BIG-register under number 19024292701.


I am an active member of the following professional associations: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Plastische Chirurgie (NVPC), Nederlandse Vereniging voor Esthetische Plastische Chirurgie (NVEPC) and the Internationale Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Continuing education

To keep up to date I attend annual national and international courses en congresses, mainly concerning aesthetic surgery. My practice is evaluated every 5 years by the inspection committee of my professional association (NVPC).

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