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Facelift and necklift



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Facelift and necklift

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Mini facelift and face-necklift

The facelift is the most renown treatment of plastic surgery. In in the broadest sense of the term we all regularly use the word facelift. The goal is rejuvenation of the face. The aspect of suturing the deeper skin layers is more important than tightening the skin. The trend is towards smaller procedures, thus is the mini-facelift (S-lift and MACS-lift) recently most preferable. I strive for a natural result.

1. Does a (mini) facelift also lift the neck?

The mini facelift, whereby the deeper layers of the skin are lifted as well, will always have a positive effect on the neck. To what extend depends on the degree of lifting, the intensity of aging and the flexibility of the skin.
To achieve a larger effect on the neck, the scar behand the ear will be extended to the hair line. To more extended the lift will be, the more the treatment will be rather a face-necklift than a mini-facelift. During the first consult I will make an assessment and will advise about the optimal treatment and the matching price. Your facelift will be customized, thus the costs as well and that is the reason that you will not find fixed prices in the price list.

2. For whom is this treatment beneficial?

Good results are achieved with those patients who have a less defined jawline, that are not overweight and have facial skin that has good mobility. Sometimes, as described above, a more extended facelift is required to achieve the desired result.

3. Cause?

Loss of skin elasticity is a result of aging and sometimes also a result of weight loss. Decrease in elasticity of the skin combined with the influence of gravity results in deeper vertical lines around the mouth and the surplus under the jawline.

5. The surgery

With the mini facelift an incision is made starting in or behind the hairline of the sideburn, then in front of the ear and finally around the earlobe.
With the more extended face-necklift the incision will be elongated behind the ear up to the hindmost hairline.
For both procedures counts that the skin will be lifted from the incision up to the mouth corner, the jawline and just behind the ear, or when extended up to the neck. Next step is the suturing of the deep layer resulting in the tissue being placed back in its original position. Excess skin will be removed and sutured in such a way that the result looks natural and not too tight.
The surgery takes 2 to 2 ½ hours and can be performed under both local and general anaesthesia.

7. Complications

In spite of the fact that the small blood vessels are carefully closed and if needed a drain is used, a bruise might appear. The chance of this happening increases with high blood pressure, after coughing and pressing and with the use of anticoagulants (even though you will stop taking those before surgery). There is no need for intervention when there is only some blue discoloration of the skin, however if there is swelling, than the hematoma needs to be surgically removed. In exceptional cases problems can occur with the blood flow in the skin which causes a longer healing process (the risk is higher with an extremely thin skin and with smokers). Usually I decide not to operate on smokers or to opt for a different technique. Finally a very rare complication is damage to the facial nerve, which will not occur with a skilled surgeon.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga

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