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Forehead lift

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Eyelid correction or forehead lift

Nowadays we make a distinction between fatigue and a tired appearance caused by drooping eyebrows or by hooded eyes. An eyelid correction for drooping eyebrows only provides a slight and temporary improvement. A lift of the forehead will offer a more permanent solution.

There are different techniques for an eyebrow lift and a forehead lift. I will assess the best technique for you on an individual basis.

Wat is een wenkbrauwlift?

Welke behandelingen zijn er mogelijk?

Voor wie is deze behandeling geschikt?

2. Small or direct eyebrow lift


In the small or direct eyebrow lift, the skin is removed with an incision in the upper edge of the eyebrow and the outside of the eyebrow is lifted.

All techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages and a well-considered choice is important for a good result.

On the left an example of an eyebrow lift before and shortly after surgery.

3. For whom is a forehead lift a relief?

For those who after a working day feel their eyelids close as if they are heavy. Or for those who have a worrisome or angry facial expression even if they are in a good mood. Frequently it happens that people ask them if they are upset or angry. Some suffer from headaches related to tension. One can imagine that constant frowning strains the muscles and causes these to ache. The pain can extend to the neck. The muscle in the forehead will be less burdened after the lift and the headache will vanish. The lift will also have a positive effect on the grooves in the forehead, the frown wrinkles above the nose and the position of the eyebrows. You will look younger, friendlier, more relaxed and rested.

I also apply the endoscopic method in order to remove a lipoma or exostosis from the forehead without leaving a scar.

De behandeling van een wenkbrauwlift

Welke complicaties kunnen optreden na een wenkbrauwlift?

Wenkbrauwlift voor en na foto’s

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Wat kost een wenkbrauwlift?

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