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A chin correction improves your profile by creating the perfect balance of the chin, nose, lips and neck. Not enough chin, a chin that is not well enough defined or an overly protruding chin can bother people; it can make them insecure, especially when viewed or photographed from the side. Are you considering chin correction? This page will provide you with detailed information.

 Interne linkIn most cases, chin correction means a chin enlargement with an implant. The surgeon usually uses a rounder implant for women and a more angular one for men. The procedure sometimes means a chin reduction, with the surgeon removing some of the bone from the lower jaw. The enlargement and reduction can be performed via the inside of the lower lip, which means there will be no visible scars. The procedure is performed under (brief) general anaesthesia.

What are the treatment options?

 Interne linkThe least invasive treatment is chin lipofilling. The impact is moderate, but it may be all that is needed in some cases. My clients usually see me for more impactful changes, such as enlargement with an implant or reduction by osteotomy. Because the nose and the neck also determine the profile, I look closely at those facial elements during the consultation. Sometimes, I recommend (minor) chin and/or neck liposuction in addition to the chin enlargement. Both treatments contribute to a better profile. In some cases, I recommend a nose correction instead of a chin correction, or vice versa. That is often unexpected, and the client may need some time to get used to the idea. Ultimately, it is all about creating the right balance, which is sometimes difficult to assess by clients themselves.

  • A chin correction is a solution for anyone with a clearly visible double chin. The teeth of the upper and lower jaws should be appropriately aligned (occlusion). In the event of more prominent abnormalities, treatment should be provided by the oral surgeon and orthodontist. My clients have often already completed orthodontic regulation, and the implant surgery is an addition to their process. However, the chin must be fully developed, which is why there is an age limit of 18 years.


During the consultation, we will discuss your wishes and expectations so I can give you the most suitable advice. I will estimate the expected outcome, and we can discuss and determine whether you would be satisfied with my suggestions. Using photographs of similar clients and an analysis of your profile, I make sure you understand what to expect. My consultant is also present at the meeting. She will provide further information about the scheduling and logistics at the clinic.


Genioplasty (chin surgery)


Chin surgery is always performed under (brief) general anaesthetic of approximately one hour. Via the inside of the lower lip, the chin muscles are pushed aside, and a narrow cavity/pocket is created over the chin bone. The implant is adjusted during the procedure. The muscle and mucous membrane of the lower lip are sutured with soluble sutures. The OmniPore implant supplied by Matrix Surgical USA is porous and made of polyethylene. Plastic surgeons have been using this material for aesthetic and reconstructive cranial and facial reconstructions for decades.The body fully accepts the implant; it will completely attach itself to the bone of the jaw by ingrowth of the connective tissue. The implant does not have to be renewed or replaced.  

The chin reduction procedure is also performed via the inside of the lower lip. Instead of placing an implant, the protruding part of the chin bone is reduced with a narrow oscillating surgical saw.


After the surgery

The procedure takes place at the day clinic. This means you will go home the same day, after recovering in the recovery room. The first few days, the implant is still slightly mobile. It should attach firmly after approximately one week. To prevent an infection, you will take antibiotics for one week. You can take a shower the day after the procedure. After a week, you'll visit the clinic for a wound check. The sutures are soluble. Recovery from chin surgery varies per person, but the average recovery time is two weeks.

During the first week, the chin may be slightly swollen, and there may be some blue discolouration that progresses down into the neck, especially if you've also had liposuction. These bruises disappear quickly, but a slight chin swelling may persist for several weeks. Because the implant is inserted via the inside of the mouth, eating and brushing your teeth is a bit more challenging in the first week, but rinsing well with plain tap water is enough to keep it clean.  Note that there may be some feedback from your environment after chin surgery. I will prepare you for this with tips and advice so that you can recover in peace.


  • If you are considering a chin correction, you may have more questions and want personal advice. If you send me your questions and a photo, you will receive my non-binding advice via email.

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What is the recovery time for a chin correction?

As I said, the implant will solidly attach in a week. You can feel a slight edge at the intersection of the implant and the jawbone. The body produces connective tissue to even out this edge.  The recovery from a chin reduction is two weeks, on average. After chin surgery, you can usually return to work after one week. However, I recommend waiting four weeks to start any intensive exercise, for instance, if there is any risk of hitting or hurting your chin.


Does chin correction surgery leave scars?

The implant is inserted via a 4-cm incision on the inside of the lower lip so that no scar is visible on the outside.


Is chin surgery painful?

Chin surgery is not painful; any pain after the procedure is caused by the swelling. Paracetamol and an ice pack are generally sufficient.


From what age is chin correction surgery an option?

The minimum age for a chin correction is 18 years. The lower jaw must be fully developed before the procedure can be performed.


What are potential complications?

Infections are rare. The risk of bruising is somewhat higher. During the procedure, the smaller nerves can be stretched, causing the lower lip to feel different for up to ten days, sometimes longer.

For the prices of a chin correction, see the Velthuis Clinic price list. During the consultation, I estimate the desired correction and how it can best be achieved.

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