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Feelings of insecurity

Often people walk around with the idea that they have an ugly nose for years therefore, this thought is fixed in their minds. This counts for both obvious as less obvious anomalies. One could say that noses have a long history, same as the feelings of insecurity. What I tell my patients is that this insecurity will not immediately disappear with a nose correction. What I have noticed is that my patients know exactly what they want and are very critical.

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1. A precise procedure

Looking at the nose we see a complex anatomy. For a nose consists of a bony part, which is part of the skull and a cartilage part. The tip of the nose consists of tiny pieces of cartilage. The shape of the nose is mainly set by the shape of the cartilage. In a patient with a prominent nose bridge I will therefore mainly reshape the cartilage. The bone I will even with a small chisel or a file. Often there is no need to break the nose. If it only involves correcting the nose bridge, then this can be done through making small incisions in the nostrils, whereby the scars will be non-visible from the outside. Where it also involves correcting the nose tip I make will a small incision in the bridge between the nostrils. That way I can carefully adjust the size of the tiny cartilages. Later, after three months, this incision will become a small white inconspicuous scar. The same technique I will use with more extensive corrections and re-do’s.

2. Cooperation with ENT specialist

If your nose is crooked and/or you suffer from nasal congestion this usually means that there are also internal anomalies in the nose, amongst which the nasal septum. In this case you will also be examined by the ENT specialist Dr. M.F.F. Franken and we will perform the operation together in order to solve both the functional as the esthetical problem. The fact that this cooperation offers positive results has proven already on many occasions.

3. The surgery

The surgery takes one to one-and-a-half hours, almost always under general anesthesia, although small corrections to the tip of the nose can be done under local anesthesia. In principal it will be day surgery, although I prefer the patient to stay overnight. After the procedure tampons are inserted in the nostrils which can be removed the next day prior to going home.

4. After surgery

After surgery you will wear plaster bandages. The first night after the surgery there are tampons in the nostrils. As mentioned, these will be removed the following morning, after which you will be able to breathe through the nose again. The nose, especially the nose tip, will swell after the surgery. This is a normal effect and it will last for about two weeks. The plaster bandages can be removed after a week.

5. Results

Results are already showing quite well after one week, but will change and improve, during the first three months. With extensive nose corrections (in- and external) it can take a while longer for the final result to show.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga

7. Patient review

Following a patient review about the nose correction. More patient reviews are published on this site, but all written in Dutch. If you are interested in the Dutch patient reviews click here.

"it is very clean, neat and almost after 10 days no remarkable scar left"
I visited dr. Timmenga for an infection in my nose because of my previous nose operation which I had elsewhere. The infection was due to Porex nasal graft for my previous revision rhinoplasty operation 5 years ago. Dr Timmenga took out the Porex graft precisely through a very small incision. it is very clean, neat and almost after 10 days no remarkable scar left. He is a very kind and responsible person who listen to you and notice your concern. I was so happy that I could communicate with him with email and he responded me in opportune time.
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