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and combinations


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and combinations

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Other treatments and combinations

Not all treatments have been described in detail on this site, just the most common ones. In case the treatment you are looking for is not on the list, please discuss during the first consultation (make an appointment here), or via the online consultation form

In case you consider taking more than one treatment, it can be beneficial to combine these in one operation.

Read more below.

1. Combined treatments

Advantages of combining treatments are:  Anaesthesia is only needed once, one recovery period and saving costs.
With a combined procedure we will set the treatment plan and time schedule together. Your general condition, the nature and effect of the treatments, the duration of the anaesthesia, the recovery period and the support system at home will be factors in the decision whether to combine or not. In some cases I advise against combining, if this increases the risk of complications. In all cases it will be tailor made treatments.



2. Examples combinations


Upper and lower eyelid correction

This is a common combination. In some cases my advice is to replace the upper eyelid correction by a forehead lift, or eyebrow lift. Read more about these treatments via the buttons below. 


Eyelid correction    Forehead lift



Mama make-over

This is a combination of two treatments after pregnancy; the (mini) abdominal wall correction, also called tummy tuck and breast correction. The breast correction is usually a breast lift and or breast enlargement. For more information about the individual treatments see:

Tummy tuck Breast correction


Facelift and necklift

The facelift and necklift are often combined. You can find out more about this combination and about the separate treatments on this site. Click the button below.

Facelift & necklift

ENT surgery and nose correction

ENT surgery stands for treatments to the ears, nose throat.
Especially the correction of a nasal septum deviation is often combined with aesthetic nose correction. More information about this can be found on the page about the nose correction via the button below.

Nose correction


In the next chapters you will find more information about the treatments birth marks and Botox.

I hope to welcome you soon in my practice to draw up a treatment plan that is tailor made for you.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga

3. Birthmarks

Regularly I remove birthmarks in the face, in general in combination with another more extensive treatment.

Moles, birthmarks and neavi

Moles are actually birthmarks without pigment. The medical term for a mole with or without pigment is neavus. They are usually there for many years and do not change. A mole can grow, itch and bleed, or appear in a short time period. That could be a sign of skin cancer. In my practice I evaluate moles or pimples carefully beforehand. In case of an irritated skin or suspected skin cancer I will treat according to the applicable protocols.


The treatment

There are several ways to remove moles and pimples without or with minimal scarring: shaving, punching, cutting and laser. I will shave if possible, or use cutting and stitching if the scar can be placed in one of the natural lines of the face. If the mole or pimple is suspicious for skin cancer, it will be cut with a margin all around, it will then be checked microscopically.

After the treatment

Shaving requires no sutures. A scrape is made, that will form a scab, which falls off after one to two weeks. The remaining pink spot then needs a few months to colour to the normal skin tone. For procedures where I do use sutures, these should be removed after one week.

The final result will show a few months later.

4. Botox

A treatment with Botox is often combined with other treatments and is done as a service for my patients. 

How does Botox work

Botox contains the botulinum toxin A from the Clostridium bacterium. Small doses of this poison will temporarily block selected tiny muscles in the face. The working of hyper-active frown muscles, forehead muscles or muscles which cause crow’s feet can be temporarily paralyzed. In most cases the effect will already show after 24 to 48 hours.


The effect of Botox is temporary

The function of the muscles returns slowly after 4 to 6 months and by that time repeating the treatment will be a possibility.

In the ideal scenario there will be the “forgotten-how-to effect”, which means that because you were unable to frown temporarily, you will have forgotten how to do it and the frown lines will soften permanently.

Dilution of Botox and duration

Many healthcare instances offer Botox injections, often against very competitive prices. The explanation is that Botox can be diluted, the higher the concentration, the longer the effect. 

The correct indication

It is important that injections are given based on the correct indication. For example, if you have wrinkles and you look worried or angry due to drooping of your eyebrows or eyelids, then Botox injections have no effect. Botox injections could even worsen the problem. Individual advice in advance is therefore recommended.


Sporadically slight bruising can occur at the locations of the injections. Occasionally with the injections in the frown lines the fluid can run to the eyelid and cause a slightly drooping eyelid. This is a harmless but irritating complication that will disappear within 2 weeks.

Botox cannot be used on people who suffer from muscular diseases or muscle weakness.