Liposuction or (soft)liposculpture?

The liposuction treatment is known by different names. Because the cannulas have become finer through the years and it has become a more tissue friendly procedure, some softer sounding names have been introduced. The term liposculpture originates from the United States and refers to sculpturing.

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For whom is liposculpture?

This technique is not intended for losing weight. If you are overweight than you will have to go on a diet. Liposuction or liposculpture is a good method to treat local fat surplus and thus improve the body contour.

With excess fat on the hips this method works quite well, but with surplus on the abdomen liposculpture can be used in selected cases only or in combination with abdominal wall correction. I recon I am quite selective with the use of liposculpture in this area.

Sometimes I will use liposculpture for the double chin and the neck, for gynaecomastia and for lipoma on the back and in the neck.

2. The surgery

Though liposculpture can easily be done under local anesthesia I prefer to use spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. This is beneficial and more comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon. In my practice I only use local anesthesia for small corrections.

The fat surplus that needs to be treated will be injected with infusion fluid through small cuts of 5 mm. Then the fat will be suctioned evenly using thin cannula and a vacuum pump. Generally the skin shows ample elasticity to adjust to the new body contour. However, this is not always the case for the abdomen and the inner thighs. In these cases dermolipectomy is more suitable, whereby both the excess skin and fat are surgically removed, sometimes in combination with liposculpture.

3. After surgery

It is important to wear an elastic band or pants for a few weeks after surgery. This will prevent bruising and swelling and will shape the skin during the healing process. The small cuts are usually not sutured, so some fluid might leak out after the treatment. This is normal and even preferable. It is not normal that the treated area becomes red and painful or if you develop a fever. In that case you should contact the clinic.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga