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For whom is this treatment intended?

This surgery is intended for women who for whatever reason have sagging or less firm breasts whereby the nipples point downwards. After pregnancy and nursing it appears as if the breast tissue melts away. But also loss of weight can cause loss of firmness in breasts. Breasts can already sag or have an atypical shape from a young age, but also at a more advanced age breasts can start to sag, lose volume and are therefore eligible for a breast lift.

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If the nipples do not point downwards than often firming the breasts by using breast implants will be sufficient. See breast enlargement.

1. Age

For this procedure, same as for breast enlargement and reduction, in most cases the minimum age is set at 18 years old, however, the most important requirement is that the breasts most have stopped growing. Occasionally I will operate at a younger age if the breasts are sagging and have a congenital form anomaly.

There is no maximum age, however, the risk of complications slightly increases with age. The vitality of the patient is the decisive factor. Breast corrections (breast lift, breast reduction, breast enlargement) for women above 60 years old are no longer an exception in my practice.

2. Muscle exercise does not prevent sagging breasts

The breast is situated over the large breast muscle. With (breast) muscle exercises the volume of this muscle does increase, but the breast itself doesn’t change. On the contrary, by excessive training the amount of underlying fatty tissue can decrease and the breast will lose volume. A well-shaped and fitted bra will support the breast, which will prevent sagging.

3. The surgery

The techniques used with breast lift surgery are quite similar to breast reduction surgery and will leave similar scars: the “anchor-shaped incision”, the “keyhole method” and a combination of the two. All techniques will leave a scare around the nipple. The keyhole method, with a vertical coupe line in the lower part of the breast and of course around the nipple, is only suitable for the breast lift. No breast tissue will be removed with the breast lift, the tissue is used to shape the breast and increase its firmness. A simple breast lift will take about one hour, a more complex one 2 to 2½ hours. Sometimes implants will be placed. Following more information about this.

4. Complications and risks

A bruise is a possible complication, but can be easily treated. Repositioning breast tissue is demanding for the blood supply and for wound healing. Decreased healing of the wound is one of the risks. Therefore you must not smoke in the period around the operation. Rest and support of the operated breast by a well-shaped bra increase a good healing process.

5. Use of breast implants

In case the own breast tissue is not sufficient to obtain a good result, a silicone implant will be placed during the breast lift. This is the most complex breast lift method. The extend of the breast lift and the size of the implant need to be balanced. This requires experience. I will know beforehand if the use of an implant is needed and will discuss this with you prior to surgery.

6. After the surgery

The recovery period is the same as for a breast reduction. As said, the operated breast needs a lot of support and rest in order to heal well. The first 4 days after the operation the breasts will be taped. The next 2 weeks thereafter you will wear a well-shaped bra that you can take off when taking a shower. After that you can take the bra off at night. After 1 and 2 weeks the sutures will be removed. Total healing time is 4 weeks. Non-strenuous administrative work can be done after 1 or 2 weeks. No sports during the first 6 weeks, but normal activities are no problem.

7. Scars

There will be a scar around the nipple and a vertical scar. The vertical scar heals well without exception. Because the breast will sag partly over it, it is hardly visible. With the more complex breast lifts it is sometimes necessary to make an extra scar in the crease under the breast, the anchor-shaped scar, but more limited than with the breast reduction.

8. How long will the effect of the surgery last?

The improvement of the shape of the breasts and position of the nipples is usually permanent. During the first few months the breasts will decrease in firmness which will make the shape more natural.

Your family and friends do not always recognise that is will take a few months for the breasts to look natural. They might, therefore, make well-meant, premature, critical remarks. Read more about this in the article 'comments from family and friends'.

Dr. Erik J.F. Timmenga